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With Meat

Food supply set with meat for every occasion

For one person for one week

  • 21 meals
  • Water purification tablets
  • Tactical Fire Pot
  • Matches
  • Spoon

Price: 160 €

Net weight: 2,1kg

Best before:
8 year for meals
2 year for extras

Select quantity:

Just add water
Quick to make
Weatherproof package
Natural ingredients
No additional accessories needed
Tastes homemade

8-year additional guarantee!

We offer you an additional 8-year guarantee at our expense. To do this, first purchase the SOS Food Supply set and if you have’t had the need to consume the food during 8 years, we will replace your food set at our own expense. *

That way you get peace of mind for 16 years for the same money!

* All food packages inside the bucket must be unopened for 8 years.

With Meat food supply contains:

Mashed Potatoes and Bacon

Quantity: 3 pcs

Chicken and Rice

Quantity: 3 pcs

Oatmeal and Apples

Quantity: 2 pcs

Spicy Noodle Soup

Quantity: 3 pcs

Beef Spaghetti Bolognese

Quantity: 3 pcs

Rice Pudding and Berries

Quantity: 3 pcs

Buckwheat Pot and Turkey

Quantity: 2 pcs

Mediterranean Breakfast Shakshuka

Quantity: 2 pcs


In addition to meal packets, the SOS Food Supply bucket also includes the following important products essential for food prep or consumption in crisis situation:

+ Water purification tablets

In a critical situation, water purification tablets (10 pcs.) make water potable, fast. The tablets are exceedingly efficient in neutralizing bacteria. Even the World Health Organization uses these tablets in their health information set.


For fast disinfection, simply add one tablet to one liter of unclean water. 10 tablets make a total of 10 liters of clean water.

Active substance:

Sodium dichloroisocyanurate (NaDCC), 8.5 milligrams per tablet. Water purification tablets kill bacteria, bacterial spores, cysts, algae, fungi, protozoa, and viruses.
In an emergency where you do not have access to a reliable water filter, a water purification tablet may be an ideal solution. Certainly use clean water if you have access to it; water purification tablets are meant to be used only in an emergency as continuous chlorine consumption may negatively affect your health.

Best before: 2 years

+ Tactical Fire Pot

The Tactical Fire Pot is an innovative product by Biofire, an Estonian manufacturer, perfect for making a small fire instead of actually lighting a small flame. The product is 100% organic (bio). The Tactical Fire Pot is weatherproof and reusable! As the product does not contain water, it burns at high temperatures. Contains ethanol and silicon dioxide.


Add the required amount of cold water in the food packet and stir. Open the cover of the Tactical Fire Pot, place the Pot on a heat-resistant surface, and light the gel firestarter with a match or lighter. Fold the Tactical Foodpack’s bottom flat and place it above the Pot, making an elevation for the packet (two mugs, two stones etc. that are taller than the Tactical Fire Pot). Keep the food packet above the Pot until the content starts to boil, then remove the food packet from the flame, close the grip, and leave the meal to stand for the time duration indicated on the packet. To extinguish the gel firestarter, place a cover over the flame; do not blow on it! The product is reusable, total burning time is 40 min.

Tulind® fuel tablet, manufactured by Biofire OÜ

+ Matches

We’ve added matches to the bucket in case you don’t have electricity or access to a fire source to heat water for your food packet.

+ Spoon

Just in case, we also added a spoon to the bucket.

NO Preservatives!

Delicious food supply for every crisis situation!