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SOS Food Supply is quick and easy to prepare, even in the most difficult conditions.

The easiest solution is to add hot water to the food package according to the amount given on the label and let it stand for 6-9 minutes. And you’re done! Eat straight from the pack or pour onto a plate. Each food package contains an oxygen absorber, which should be removed before or after adding water. IMPORTANT – do not pour the contents into the food package. It’s not a seasoning! However, if you have accidentally poured the contents of the oxygen absorber into the food package, the food is no longer edible!

But if the conditions are more difficult and there is no hot water? In other words, how to prepare food in difficult conditions or in a crisis situation?

In this case, we also offer several different working options:

Heating meal directly on fire– All SOS Food Supply meals can be heated directly on a small fire. For this purpose, it is suitable to use a tea candle at home, to make a small fire in the forest or to use our specially developed innovative fire pot.

Since all SOS Food Supply meals are pre-cooked, you can even crunch the food dry without adding water, although we recommend that you always consume it warm.

How to use Fire pot

NO Preservatives!

Delicious food supply for every crisis situation!